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Groomer Ruth Pet Salon

15 East Third Street

Wendell, NC 27591

Shampoochie Pet Salon

6297 Main Street

​Bailey, NC

Why is grooming important?

Groomer Ruth

 Pet Salon

Groomer Ruth, Wendell, NC

(919) 366-BONE (2663)

Shampoochie Pet Salon, Bailey, NC

(252)235-BONE (2663)

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Regular grooming is important, not only to make your pet look better, but also to help keep them healthy physically and mentally. Most professionals will agree that when a dog is groomed regularly, it is less likely to suffer from mats, tangles, skin problems, ear infections, overgrown toenails, and infestation from external parasites. In addition, dogs are proud animals. They know they look their best and really enjoy the praise people give them when they appear perfectly and professionally groomed.