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Groomer Jamie

​I have 4 very active human children; 2 sons and 2 daughters. My kids are my world. I also have 7 four legged children that I rescued, ( 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a turtle). We have a Golden Retriever named Roxy (a 65 pound ball of energy who helps keep us all young), and a fat cat named Anchovy. Our turtles name is Wiz Khalifa (because he's black and yellow). Nugget and MJ (Short for Mischievous Jellybean), are our other two kitties. The diva of my bunch is Tater Tot, an over spoiled Pit Bull, who comes to work with me daily and helps me greet clients on occasion (when she is not napping on the couch). Our newest and youngest addition, Willow, is a white Pit Bull rescued from our local home town. She tries her best to get Tater in shape.

​I started out as a groomer's assistant and after many wet days of bathing pets, began apprenticing under Ruth to learn the art of pet styling. I have been a pet stylist for over 10 years with Groomer Ruth. I have always loved animals so being able to work with them everyday is a dream career for me. It's a lot like having grandchildren; I can play with them, spoil them, and then send them home.

Groomer Ruth

Let me take a moment to tell you about myself. I am currently a divorced mother of two children; my son is currently in high school , my daughter is currenty studying at UNC Chapel Hill. I have four dogs; Luna (Lunatic), Hobbles, Bailey and Odie. Hobbles is an amputee but does not know it. Bailey's Irish Cream is a rescued puppy from a shelter (Irish Cream needed to deal with puppyhood). Odie is a Pug who was also rescued and snores very loudly on the bed pillow (I call him my personal "bedpug"). 

 I started my career in 1988 by working in a groomer shop as a groomer's assistant. I then decided to go to school for training. I started with Nash Dog Grooming School and transferred to a private instructor from the New York school of Dog Grooming. After I completed my training, I spent the next two years as an apprentice with "The Poodle Clip Inn" perfecting my skills of hand scissoring. Our main clients were poodles in every shape and size.

In 1991, I opened my very first pet salon, "Pooch Palace",in Newton, N.J. With great determination, it quickly became a very successful, high volume salon. It remained this way until I sold it in 1996 when I decided the snowy winters were just not for me. I have been in my current location, "Groomer Ruth's", in Wendell since I've opened in 2002. Since moving to NC, I have been affiliated with a veterinarian hospital. For my first four years I rotated hospitals and groomed at three different clinics, working with wonderful veterinarians who have helped me learn more about Pet Health. I am currently affiliated with Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital, located in Raleigh, under Dr. Patrice Covington. I also share many clients with East Wake Animal Hospital, owned by Dr. Anthony and Nancy Creech. 

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